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What To Wear To 50s Theme Party?

At a 1950s-themed celebration, one can experience the nostalgia of the era. The 1950s were marked by rock ‘n’ roll, poodle skirts, slicked-back hair, and a distinct sense of fashion. 

Whether you’re attending a 50s-themed birthday party, a sock hop, or a party at a retro diner, you must dress appropriately to experience the fun and fashion of this iconic era. 

This guide will show you what to wear to 50s theme party, ensuring that you appear to have stepped out of a time machine and into a world of diners, jukeboxes, and classic automobiles.

What To Wear To 50s Theme Party?

A 1950s-themed party is an enjoyable opportunity to embody the fashion and style of that era. The 1950s were renowned for their iconic fashion trends, so here’s what to wear to a 50s-themed party:

For Women:

1. Full Skirt Dresses

The full-skirt dress is one of the most iconic women’s fashion products of the 1950s. These dresses were distinguished by their fitted bodices and flaring voluminous skirts. Consider gowns with polka dots, gingham, or solid hues. Add a wide belt to your waist to define it.

2. Pencil Skirts

Another fashionable option for women in the 1950s was the pencil skirt. These skirts were typically knee- or calf-length, high-waisted, and well-fitted. Combine your pencil skirt with a sweater or blouse.

3. Blouses and Sweaters

Blouses and sweaters were crucial to the fashion of the 1950s for women. Select blouses with Peter Pan collars and cardigan-style garments. During this era, pastel hues were popular.

4. Bobby Socks and Saddle Shoes

Complement your outfit with white bobby ankle socks and saddle shoes. The contrast between white stockings and dark shoes was a hallmark of 1950s fashion.

5. Accessories

Remember to accessorize! Consider donning a pearl necklace, cat-eye spectacles, and a headband or scarf to tie your hair into a classic ponytail or updo.

6. Hairstyle

Popular hairstyles for women in the 1950s included the victory roll, the beehive, and the classic curled bob. Consider using hair accessories such as hairpins and headbands for an authentic appearance.

7. Makeup

Go for a classic 1950s makeup style with winged eyeliner, red lipstick, and pink blush. This iconic makeup design will complete your look.

For Men:

1. Button-Up Shirts

Men in the 1950s frequently donned button-up shirts with short sleeves. Consider purchasing shirts with checks or colors. Put the shirt inside the trousers.

2. High-Waisted Trousers

Opt for high-waisted pants that are well-fitted at the waist and hips and a bit slack in the legs. Pants with cuffs were also popular in the 1950s.

3. Suspenders or Belts

Consider pairing your pants with suspenders or a narrow belt. In the 1950s, suspenders were particularly fashionable.

4. Bow Ties or Skinny Ties

A bow tie or a skinny tie can add a touch of sophistication reminiscent of the 1950s to your ensemble. The tie should complement the color or pattern of the blouse.

5. Loafers or Brogues

For footwear, choose brown or black loafers or brogues. In the 1950s, these sandals were indispensable for men’s fashion.

6. Hats

In the 1950s, Fedora hats were a popular accessory for males. If you feel comfortable donning a hat, it can be a fantastic accessory.

7. Hairstyle

Men’s hairstyles in the 1950s were typically brief and well-groomed. Consider a side part or slicked-back hairstyle with pomade for a genuine 1950s appearance.

8. Accessories

Complete your ensemble with spectacles, a pocket square, and a wristwatch.

Whether you’re looking for a “Grease”-inspired look, a rock ‘n’ roll style, or a more preppy 1950s look, remember that attention to detail is the key to a successful 50s-themed outfit. You’ll be set to dance the night away at your 1950s-themed party if you carefully select your attire and accessories.

Bottom Line

This was all about what to wear to 50s theme party. With these fashion suggestions for a 1950s theme party, you can channel your inner Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, or James Dean and be transported to the spectacular 1950s.

You can simply recreate the vibe of this iconic decade and be the life of the retro party with everything from playful swing dresses to leather jackets and slick pompadours. So throw on your dance shoes, turn up the jukebox, and prepare to twist and holler your way back to the great 1950s!

Thank you for reading!

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