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What To Be For Halloween For 12 Year Olds?

When you’re 12, Halloween reaches that golden spot where you’re mature enough to go beyond the basic costumes of childhood but yet young enough to really enjoy the holiday’s thrill. 

It’s an age when creativity, hobbies, and a dash of independence may all come together to make a Halloween experience one-of-a-kind. But what to be for Halloween for 12 year olds? 

This article will look at a variety of solutions for balancing youth excitement with emerging tastes throughout the tween years.

What To Be For Halloween For 12 Year Olds?

Especially for 12-year-olds who are in the middle of their preteen years, choosing a Halloween costume is a fun way to exhibit creativity and passion. Here are some concepts that are suitable, entertaining, and potentially simple to execute.

Popular Characters:

  • Harry Potter Characters: Include house-specific scarves or insignia, wands, and even small stuffed owls or cats. Create a wand out of branches and hot glue or a Marauder’s Map.
  • Superheroes: Include accessories or decorations, such as Captain America’s shield or Spider-Man’s web shooters, in addition to the costume. Create your own utility belt and paper mache accessories.
  • Disney Characters: Consider adding wigs, specific jewelry, or even imitating the voice of the character. Make your own ‘Frozen’ snowflakes or Moana’s oar out of cardboard and paint.
  • Star Wars: Light sabers, of course, but also masks, mittens, and specialized footwear. Construct a droid companion from a painted box and a Jedi robe from brown material.
  • Anime Characters: Correct wigs and possibly even colored contact lenses. Include objects like weapons and magic enchantments. Make your own cardboard kunai and spellbook with these DIY tips.


  • Pirate: Eyepatch, pirate helmet, and stuffed parrot on the shoulder complete the look. Utilize tea to age a white garment or to create your own treasure map.
  • Witch or Wizard: A broomstick, a candy cauldron, or even a pet ‘familiar’ such as a plush black cat. Create your own spell book and potion vessels using colored water and empty jars.
  • Vampire: ‘Blood’ in the corners of the mouth, a beautiful cape, and perhaps a bat pin. Create a purse or satchel in the shape of a coffin for trick-or-treating.
  • Mummy: Tea or coffee can be used to impart a worn appearance to bandages. Make your own amulets and scarabs out of clay or cardboard.

DIY and Budget-Friendly:

  • Ghost: Eye holes and possibly a mouth orifice should be cut in your sheet. Aluminum foil chains can be added. Use paint that glows in the dark for eerie effects.
  • Zombie: Add artificial blood and possibly some mold’ with green face paint. Create conspicuous ‘bones’ using rolled-up white-painted paper.
  • Detective: Include a false mustache and a magnifying lens. Add a hookah from the past for effect. Create your own case file using a folder and some ‘clues.’
  • Scarecrow: Add patches to your overalls and straw protruding from the sleeves. Create your own artificial crow out of black fabric or paper.

Group Costumes:

  • Scooby-Doo Gang: Include cartons of Scooby Snacks and magnifying glasses for the detectives. Make your own Mystery Machine out of a large cardboard box with these DIY instructions.
  • Power Rangers: Add gloves, footwear, and possibly even the specific weapons carried by each ranger. Create morphs using cardboard and paint.
  • Minions: Spectacles and perhaps even your own language! Banana accessories are obligatory. Create your own custom Gru logo for your overalls.

Current Trends:

  • TikTok Stars or Memes: If they are socially adept, they may appreciate being an overnight internet sensation.
  • Fortnite Skins: These are well-known and popular among adolescents.

Consider your child’s interests and level of comfort when selecting a costume. Ensure that the costume is age-appropriate and secure for movement, particularly if it will be trick-or-treating. The most crucial aspect is that they enjoy dressing up!

Bottom Line

This was all about what to be for Halloween for 12 year olds. Given the diversity of interests and styles that characterize this age, selecting a Halloween costume at age 12 can be both fun and difficult. 

The key is to choose a costume that feels pertinent and exciting to you, from popular culture icons and video game characters to reimagined classics like pirates and witches.

Thank you for reading!

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