Starting a Business vs. Starting a Restaurant

If you are an investor or an entrepreneur and are looking into starting your first restaurant, some things differ with opening a retail business as opposed to somewhere that offers food. While developing both a retail business plan and restaurant business plan have a lot of the same concepts involved, there are some significant differences [...]

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Things You Need Before Opening a Restaurant

When you are looking to open up a restaurant, it is not as easy as saying you are going to do so. While that would make your job easier, there needs to be careful planning, strategizing, and development in place before your restaurant’s opening day. Here are some things you need for your grand opening: [...]

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Why Food Photography is Important

If you are opening a restaurant in New York City, the odds of how well you will succeed there are already stacked against you. With millions of places to eat, consumers are inundated continuously with the variety of different cuisine options the city has to offer them. However, there are plenty of ways to make [...]

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Welcome to Kai Liu Visual’s Blog

Welcome to Kai Liu Visual’s blog! Here on our blog, we will talk about our most recent food photography projects, videography jobs, and other important things we are doing as a business. Additionally, we also want to talk about photography and its’ impact on the way food and restaurants are portrayed online, through print media, [...]

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